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Our Story

A Brighter Shine for Outdoor Design provide a unique shopping outlet for people looking for copper and copper-coated outdoor décor. We offer a variety of beautiful copper products and affordable copper-coated products.

We continually rotate our inventory to new designs to keep the variety in our store. So be sure to check back often to find new and exciting products.

Leaf Butler created an American Designed and Assembled gutter guard with a raised micro-mesh design to handle high water flow that eliminates debris build-up. While competitor gutter guards only have channels or flat screens that collect and hold debris, the Leaf Butler “Kite” and Leaf Butler Noir “Diamond” design stays clean and clear year-round.

Leaf Butler Gutter Guards are the intelligent choice to deliver the best performance. We are designed and assembled in the USA and stand behind our warranty.

Going with Leaf Butler Gutter Guards means the best performance and none of the hassle.