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Chinese Garden Balcony Wind Bells


Chinese Garden Balcony Wind Bells

The hand-tuned aluminum tubes are anodized while the warm light bounces off the ash wood. The long, straight lines of the pipes complement the soft round curves of the wood to offer a classy, traditional look. Secured with high strength suspension cord, they hang from a solid S-hook.

With an E-major Pentatonic chord and the adjustable striker helps to find the right tone for your outdoor space; together, they ring in pure harmony.

A gift that resonates and works for any holiday season, birthday, housewarming, or anytime just for fun, or to commemorate the memory of a special person or milestone. Perfect for the patio, garden, and anywhere you wish to add beautiful melodies to your environment.

  • Height (Total): 35"
  • Height (No Hanger): 28"
  • Diameter: 5"

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